Action Mappers for Civil Rights Actions

The following list presents web sites which collect information on actions for civil rights, e.g. demos, protests, and civil resistance actions. Action mappers can serve as archives of past events and calendars for future events. In addition, some action mappers are associated with social networks, which allow connecting with other activists, e.g. is associated with (Mastodon), (Prosody, XMPP-based) and (Internet Relay Chat).

  • Dandelion Hub,
  • DemokraTeam,
  • Students 4 Gaza,
  • Fridays For Future,

There are also specific research organisations, who may monitor civil political actions on a daily basis:

  • ¬†Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED),

Depending on public interest, also news outlets may compile data on the geographic distribution of protests, however, usually not on a continuous basis.