Defensive public relation strategies to cover up and mislead the public

The following steps, which can follow a linear or circular (spiraling) pattern of escalation, describe defensive public relations (propaganda) strategies which organizations, mostly governments or companies, apply if they are accused of misconduct against the public interest. All actions by the accusing party (activists) can be promoted by methods of civil resistance. Action by activists,…

How re-design and update posters and flyers – Support for the “Återställ våtmarker” movement

1. Introduction I have recently supported an eco activist movement group in Sweden called “Återställ våtmarker” [1] (“Rebuild wetlands”) by updating flyers and posters with new events. The problem turned out that the shared versions were based on the open-source LibreOffice/LibreWriter [2] (.odt) format and the proprietary Adobe InDesign [3] (.indd) format. Although I finally…

Cross-poster between Mastodon and Twitter

The following services allow (bi-directional) cross-posting between Mastodon (ActivityPub) and other social media platforms, esp Twitter: (tested and works!) References [¹] [²]