The dangerous symbiosis of US imperialism and Israeli Zionism

It has become all too obvious, that Joe Biden was right when he said “Were there no Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel to protect her interest in the region.” (Senate Session, June 5, 1986). [1]

We see at the moment that the US government and the Israeli government perfectionate their symbiosis as the “eternal aggressor” and the “eternal victim”, which gives the US the perfect cover for false-flag operations to promote US imperialism [8] and Israeli Zionism [7] abusing the trauma of persecution and genocide of European Jews (“Holocaust”).

The narrative will be that there are “antisemites” everywhere in the world, esp. in islamic countries, and, therefore, Israel (with support by the US) has a right to “defend itself” everywhere in the world. After the “antisemitism” bill will have passed the senate, nobody will even be allowed to criticize Israel (and ipso facto the supporting US government), if, for example, Israel will “defend itself” in Iran, Vietnam, Germany, or wherever in this world.

I do not believe these imperialist US government policies are supported by the majority of the US population, since, as a consequence, these are also leading to a loss of important civil rights, as we can see. [2] I see it as a form of corporate imperialism to get access to cheap resources, esp. in the middle east, [5] in combination with an ideology of white supremacy to justify the violence which goes with it [3].

Fascism comes in many forms and it would be naive to believe there is always a swastika and a product warning in German with Gothic fonts printed on it … [3]