Install official Android OS (v8.1) without Google account on
used mobile phone Motorola Moto G5 (cedric)


I have tried and failed to install on a Motorola Moto G5 (cedric, 2017) …

  1. /e/ OS (dev) following the guideline at
  2.  Lineage OS (18.1, recovery image and nightly OS build 2021-12-30) following the guideline at

In both cases, the installation was without problems but after rebooting the device got stuck in a “bootloop“. Since the /e/ OS guideline and the recovery image did not include a backup of the stock ROM, I could not easily revert the device to the original state, ie Android OS (v7.0).

Therefore,  I re-installed the “Stock ROM” (i.e. the original image file of the official operating system or firmware [Link]) from Motorola and at the same time upgraded Android from v7.0 to v8.1 following the tutorial “Motorola Moto G5 XT1676 Flash File (Stock ROM)” (2021-12-09, requires MS Windows 10) [Link] including the files:

  1. Android OS v8.1 image (Motorola_Moto_G5_XT1676_XT1676_CEDRIC_RETEU_DS_8.1.0_OPP28.85-19-4-2_CID50_8.1.0_(
    Note: Shorten File name after download to avoid errors, eg
  2. RSD Lite Flashtool
    Note: Flashfile.xml is located in ./Firmware/ folder.
  3. Motorola Driver

To avoid sharing data with Google I did not sign up for or sign in to a Google account. I replaced the Google apps suite as follows:

  1. Google Play Store -> “Aurora” app to access the Google Play Store anonymously [Link]
    Note: Download the Aurora app as .apk file and install manually
  2. Google Play Store -> “FDroid” app to access some apps which are not available (or not free) on Google Play Store (eg DAVx5 and ICSx5)
  3. Google Email -> “TypeApp Email[Link]
  4. Google Calendar -> “Etar Calendar[Link]
    Note: Install also DAVx5 app to connect with CalDAV calendars, eg in your Nextcloud, and ICSx5 to connect with ICS calendars. If not in app repositories, google .apk files and install manually.
  5. Google Drive -> “Nextcloud” app (eg in combination with providers, eg  [Link]
  6. Google Maps -> “Magic Earth” app [Link]

See also Blog “Mobile phones and the cloud – How to protect your privacy” [Link]