Global Strike for Future on 2019-05-24 – An ad for nerds

Major Release of Global Firmware Update on May 24, 2019!

About 7.6 billion biobots on planet Earth are currently in development or production. However, a majority of them are currently running on legacy firmware, which results in high consumption of power and limited capability to read, store, and process new input and then apply the output in real-world settings. Most importantly, the high consumption of power is very likely to result in overheating of multiple components and ultimately the destruction of the mainframe computer.

Young software developers in collaboration with leading scientists have now created a firmware update, which is based on decades of state-of-the-art research, to be released on Friday, 2019-05-24, in many locations around the globe. The main features of the update include a reduction of power consumption and an increased capability to overcome the limitations mentioned above. In addition, it features multiple bug fixes leading to logical fallacies in the past and (expected) breaches of robot laws in the future.

The firmware is available for all manufacturers and models of biobots in all major programming languages, and can be downloaded using wireless local area networks in multiple locations around the globe. However, hardware based on neural networks which are capable of deep learning are required (emulations on virtual machines are also supported).

A beta test on over 1.5 million biobots (mostly still in development) in 125 countries was successfully conducted on 2019-03-15. The software development core team is looking forward to drastically increasing this number,  also by reaching biobots already in production.

Further information on local hackathons is available here: