How to make a protest sticker!

1. Introduction

To support protests against the climate crisis, in addition to public protests, banners, etc, protest stickers are another medium to make your message visible and literally  “stick”. Their advantage is that stickers can be distributed without causing to much attention, e.g. at a public place, without having to expect negative consequences for the protester. Stickers are also a nice give-away to passengers, esp if they are visually appealing.

2. Tutorial

Here, I would like to present a short tutorial how to design and print protest stickers. It is a work flow which I tested and worked for me:

  1. Design the sticker using SCRIBUS!
    Note: Read the printing requirements (e.g. file format, file size, resolution, color model, …) of your selected printshop and apply it to your design! Example: Flyeralarm Printing Guide
    Example:  see below
  2. Export to PDF format with a resolution of 356 dpi from SCRIBUS (Note: use PDF1.5 with transparencies, PDF/x-3 does not allow transparencies!)
    Example: see below
  3. Select size and number of stickers at Flyeralam printshop. I selected Vegan Stickers, round, diameter 9.5 cm, white paper, 4 colours, 250 copies, 4 colors, 623SEK [ORDER NOW!]
    Note: The offer by Flyeralarm was the best quality at lowest price I could find!
  4. Upload the file in PDF format with CMYK color model!
    Example: see below
  5. Approve and submit to printing!
  6. Delivery (in Sweden) after about 1 week via UPS!

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