Using XMPP in the terminal with Profanity using DistroBox virtualization enviroment

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a modern, a bit but not entirely unlike IRC social network. There are multiple, graphical XMPP clients available for multiple platforms. However, if you prefer to work on the command-line the terminal-based client PROFANITY is your first choice. PROFANITY has similar user-experience like the terminal-based IRC client IRSSI. Unfortunately. LINUX package repositories usually include only outdated versions, which miss out important features of current release. Therefore, to take advantage of the most current releases one can use a docker-like virtualization approach using distrobox to install a current version of the rolling release LINUX distrob SUSE Tumbleweed, which includes all current  libraries, which are required by PROFANITY.


  • Host OS: POP! Linux V22.04
  • Virtualization: Distrobox V1.6.0.1
  • XMPP client: Profanity V0.14.0


POPOS> curl -s | sudo sh # Careful! You are allow remote code being executed on your computer.
POPOS> distrobox-create --root --name profanity-on-tw --image opensuse/tumbleweed
POPOS> distrobox enter --root profanity-on-twdistrobox-create --root --name profanity-on-tw --image opensuse/tumbleweed --absolutely-disable-root-password-i-am-really-positively-sure
POPOS> distrobox enter profanity-on-tw
POSOS> profanity # profanity can also be called from the host system 

Note: You can also install Distrobox as SNAP package.

Remove PROFANITY image:

POPOS> distrobox-stop --root profanity-on-tw
POPOS> distrobox-rm --root profanity-on-tw