Protest #2 on Saturday, 2019-03-09, Forumtorget, Uppsala

I have protested a second time  from 13-15pm on Forumtorget, Uppsala. Well, I guess it counts as a success since nobody threw rocks at me ;-). After I spent some 140SEK on Facebook promotion (since I am not a member of any enviro organization and only weakly connected in these circles), I got some 25 people “who like this” [Link]. However, let’s say I did not have to share the honour of today’s protest with anybody else.


  • 4 positive interactions
  • 2 negative interactions

It turns out to protest on your own for climate action becomes more and more an exercise in “troll fishing”. Last example was a guy stating something to the effect “There is good science, there is bad science, and there is climate science.” basically saying that the demand for climate action had no scientific basis whatsoever, questioning the definition of “climate”, and accusing me of not understanding the subject. Well, I was trying to find a  common demoninator, e.g. “Can we agree that there is climate?” (Reply: “Depends on how you define climate?”), “Can we agree that there is weather?” and asking him to support his claims with peer-reviewed publications. However, at one point I had to tell him that I wanted to end the conversation since we did not share a common basis to talk about. That was that. I guess this was a useful exercise in handling denialists of anthropogenic climate breakdown.