How to create a protest banner!

I recently designed a professional protest banner to support public protest by creating more attention and to make my key message more visible. Here, I would like to share a short tutorial to help other activists to create their own protest banner (or copy mine!).

  1. I designed the poster with LibreImpress (ODP format) using the size of 3m  (width) x 1m (height)
    Note 1: Microsoft TrueType Font “Impact” needs to be installed on your operating system.
    Note 2: Alternative open-source programs to design banners may include KritaInkscape, GIMP, or Scribus.
  2. I submitted a print job to the ElefantPrint Website [ORDER NOW!], which cost 1073SEK (incl. cost of transport).
    Note 1: I chose a mesh banner  (ie fabric with small holes) because it is much more resilient to wind. I uploaded a PDF file to the website, after I found the “Design online” function very annoying because the designs disappeared and could not be recovered after I clicked on a wrong button, and I could not go back.  Hotline number on website was out-of-date, and email support needed a reminder, however, the reply was then prompt and friendly.
    Note 2: Printing costs at  for a similar banner (mesh, 3m x 1m size, eyelets) are at about 589SEK (incl. cost of transport in Sweden, not tried myself).
  3. I received the banner after 10 days (Denmark -> Sweden).
    Note: The quality was great and much better than anticipated.
  4. I fixed the banner on two telescope broomsticks using some cable fixers.
    Note 1: I have now upgraded to a “Advanced Protesting System” using two Leifheit telescope sticks [Amazon], which are extendable to 4 meters, which gives the banner great visibility in large crowds while being easy to transport (1,45m). I recommend to turn the telescope sticks upside down (fat, rigid end on top) to avoid the thinner elements bending round the banner, which makes it easier to straighten the banner.
    Note 2: Since the banner has also eyelets, you can also fix it with a rope between two posts (e.g. lampposts, scaffolding).

Voilá! 🙂

After having used my 3m x 1m mesh banner at two public protests, I am quite happy with it. The only disadvantages are:

  • The banner needs two people to hold it and you stand a bit to far apart to conveniently chat. 🙂
  • The banner is less readable with background light, so I recommend to choose a building as background.
  • The banner is only printed on one side, duplex printing will not work because it is semi-transparent.

Foto: “Stop Climate Breakdown! Now!” mesh banner at Klimatstrejk Uppsala, 2019-03-01