Banderoller för att stödja hungerstrejken av “Earth Fast” and “Extinction Rebellion”

1. Introduktion

Jag har designad två banderoller för att stödja  en hungerstrejk av “Earth Fast” [1, 3] in samverkan med “Extinction Rebellion Sverige” [2].



2. Instruktion (engelska)

Note: You can skip steps 1 to 5 by using the banner templates (PDF format) available for download below.

  1. Install XR fonts (FUXCED font)
    Download Fonts (including special Swedish characters): fucxedcapsregularswedish.ttf (ttf files, zipped)
  2. Read Instructions from print service [General Instructions]
    Instructions for rectangular, landscape banner (3m x 1m): Flyeralarm_Instruktion_Banderoll_plane_100x300.pdf
  3. Design poster (including bleed and safety distance)
    Note: Bleed does not work properly in SCRIBUS (or with the PDF Driver respectively), so I recommend overlaying frames to allow for the bleed and set the bleed in SCRIBUS to zero.
  4. Export with CMYK color model to PDF with recommended resolution of 356dpi
  5. Optional: Quick check colours with print of banner on a single A4 paper with your own colour printer
  6. Upload to [Link to order of 3m x 1m banner on]
    Note1: Cost for 2 copies of 3m x 1m banner with eyelets about 500 SEK (multiples of 2 copies are cheaper).
    Note2: You buy the banner first, and then upload the file using the upload link in the confirmation email.
    Note3: Canceling an order, before it went into print was no problem.
    Note4: Alternative  online printshops: (Germany),   Tryckshop HSOP (Uppsala, Sweden)
  7. Delivery with UPS was slightly annoying but the banners arrived after 2 to 3 weeks.


3.1 “Klimatnödläge nu !!!” banderoll (2m x 1m)


Banner_ExtinctionRebellion_2m_x_1m_Klimatfasta_V2.pdf (ready-to-print, incl CMYK color model) (zipped SCRIBUS file)



[2] William J Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M Newsome, Phoebe Barnard, William R Moomaw, World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency, BioScience, Volume 70, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 8–12,

3.2 “Rädda Skogen !!!” banderoll (2m x 1m)


Banner_ExtinctionRebellion_2m_x_1m_RäddaSkogen_V2.pdf (ready-to-print, incl CMYK color model)

Banner_ExtinctionRebellion_2m_x_1m_Rä (zipped SCRIBUS file)


[1] Jarl, E. et al. (2021-02-06). Svenskt skogsbruk är en klimatskandal.

4. Ressources