Angela Merkel at the UN Global Climate Change Summit 2019

I consider Chancellor Merkels statements on climate change policy harmful misleading nonsense trying to pretend she cared about climate change [ยน]. Just some comments on some of her statements:

Proposing a “global solution” after decades of political inaction on the international level, showing that there will be no global solution, means just continuing the old blame game.

Proposing “taking everybody on board” will never work and is not even required in a democracy, and certainly not in an emergency. Was slavery abolished by “taking everybody on board”? Is a group consensus needed to sound the fire alarm and evacuate a building?

Proposing only “applying technology and innovation, and investing money” to solve the climate crisis, not addressing degrowth to a steady-state economy means that all such efforts will be futile, because they are not addressing the main problem.

Although Chancellor Merkel states, she is dedicated to the Paris Climate targets, her actual actions and the “Climate Package” decided just a few days ago, is considered a mostly useless unsystematic collection of measures with unproven effect, which stands in stark contrast to her speech.

What is needed now is implementing the necessary changes on a national level immediately, and taking the lead. Sounds naive? What else is left to do?

At present, I only hope that the neoliberal capitalist system which shows already symptoms of its breakdown, ie negative interest rates, absurd wealth inequality, destruction of fertile soil, will destroy itself by its own stupidity and greed as soon as possible.


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