The Greta-Thunberg Phenomenon

There are multiple factors which have lead from a solo strike by Greta Thunberg on 20 August 20, 2018, to a global climate and ecological movement with about 4 million people protesting on September 20, 2019, which are already sufficiently described [1]. However, the main factors are in my opinion that Greta Thunberg’s combination of intellectual acuity, emotional depth, and self-confidence resulting not from power, but from an absolute, unfailing moral compass, and the ability to communicate her thoughts and feelings is unmatched by any other person I have personally met. In fact, it makes her stand out from present political, economic, and even religious leaders or other public persons, I am aware of. To be able to show such deep authentic emotions in front of world leaders, without losing intellectual rigour or style makes her stand out as a true artist and genuine human being. Her speech at the UN Global Climate Change Summit on September 23, 2019, is the most impressive example of all her virtues I have seen so far [2, 3].