Male dominance behaviour in the age of the climate crisis [updated]

Inspired by a the following article [1], I thought about why male dominance behaviour seems to correlate with a large carbon footprint and its potential causes. Here, I would like to add an aspect based on a systemic approach considering also external factors since individual behavior is often explained by internal factors (e.g. personality) while ignoring the external factors  (e.g. situation). This bias is also called the Fundamental Attribution Error [¹]. I would like to highlight this aspect, because an understanding of the deeper roots of behaviour and their role in survival and procreation, calling for behavioural changes based on humanitarian values will have very limited effects.

While I agree that male dominance behaviour is culturally influenced, I am also convinced that male dominance is also deeply rooted in evolution. Male dominance behaviour indicates health, healthy offspring, and the capability to provide for offspring and female partner(s), which is also perceived as attractive by females (apart from character and sense of humour, of course ;-). Unfortunately, in human societies male dominance behaviour is highly correlated with materialistic, consumerist behaviour in a capitalist economic system, which also results in a large carbon footprint and supporting policies.

Therefore, one strong leverage to change this male behaviour pattern is the partner preference of women. In other words, if women prefer men with a lower carbon footprint to men with a higher carbon footprint, I expect that this will have a dramatic effect on male behavior. 

Coming back to the article I mentioned in the introduction [1], I think it highlights and important aspect that male dominance and aggression is not bad in itself, and can be harnessed for the benefit of humankind to overthrow the current harmful fossil-fuel based system.

Note: While I think that the provocative tone of the article [1] may raise attention and is culturally conform with the strong feminist mainstream in Swedish media, I expect that such a derogatory and humiliating tone will not win over many men to change their perspective and creates unnecessary conflict between genders.

[1] Johanna Frändén (2019-08-23). Den reaktionära mansrörelsen hotar klimatet. Aftonbladet.