Extinction Rebellion – Protest Posters

For the artistically challenged, like myself, I will describe how to create a protest poster in high quality with a computer and a standard A4 colour printer:

Basic idea: Design an A4 format poster, split it over several A4 sheets, print it, cut and glue it together on cardboard

Note: If you download one of the PDF templates below, you can skip steps 2 to 4.

  1. Get a cardboard from your favourite garbage room, local supermarket, hardware store (moving box size will do)
  2. Create a poster in a presentation app (e.g. MS Powerpoint, LibreImpress, …, MS Word will also do)
    Note: If you share your design on the web, include your web address in small print on the poster so people, who see your poster, can copy the design.
  3. Export the poster as an image, eg PNG format
  4. Use a program to split the image on multiple pages, e.g. PosterRazor, and export it to a PDF file
  5. Print on local A4 (colour) printer
    Hint: You may save ink for the background, if you use coloured paper, eg to print the black XR logo with green background you should buy green paper.
  6. Cut the separate sheets and glue them on the cardboard
  7. Wrap transparent sticky tape with a tape dispenser (like the removal guys use) to protect your precious poster against rain
  8. Prepare a separate frontside poster and separate backside poster with the same of different motives so you can hold up your poster high in the air and broadcast your message in all directions, for example, XR logo on one side and text with more information (eg “Tell the truth! Declare climare and ecological emergency!”) on the other side
  9. Tape cardboard rolls (eg from kitchen towels)  in the center between the frontside and backside cardboard poster so you can stick a (telescope) broom stick into the roll, to hold up your poster high above the crowd and improve visibility.
    Note: I often find (telescope) brooms sticks in our garbage room, so you can just recycle them. Telescope sticks are easier to transport than one-piece broom sticks.
  10. Block a road 😉


Here are a few templates of protest posters: