You can support my (ie Wilmar Igl) activities for the protection of the biosphere by your donation to my personal fundraising project.


Powered by GGF

Long URL:; Short URL:

Fees: 4% (GoGetFunding) + 2.9% (credit card processor) + 0.30USD (Paypal) as of 2019-01-07

Direct bank transfer:

You can also make a direct (SEPA) bank transfer to the following dedicated fund raising account, which is managed by me (Wilmar Igl) to minimize fees:

Owner: Wilmar Igl
IBAN: SE7850000000056990287322
Subject: “BiosphereProtection”

Purpose of the donations:

  • General: Protests against the destruction of the biosphere in general and the climate crisis, in particular
  • Specific:
    • Flyers, Posters, Banners, Brochures
    • Audio/Video equipment
    • Expenses of activists, e.g. traveling costs
    • Legal support of activists
  • NO worktime compensations, salaries, etc!
  • more details on fundraiser page
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