Protest #5 on Saturday, 2019-04-06, Forumtorget, Uppsala

Today I protested against climate breakdown between 13 and 15 pm at Forumtorget, Uppsala, Sweden. Again I did not have to share the honor of today’s protest with other protesters (but I am happy to do so :-)). This time I not only showed a protest poster, but also distributed self-designed “Bend the carbon curve!” climate crises stickers [1], which show the famous Keeling curve. I guess that I distributed around 70 climate stickers, which I found a great way  to interact with passing pedestrians and start a conversation.   I think that I had about 15 engaging discussions with friendly and interested people, which was just wonderful. I only encountered (again) one climate crisis denialist, who not only denied the scientific basis of anthropogenic global warming, but also launched multiple attacks at me using argumentum ad hominem (aka shooting the messenger, “I think you don’t know what you are talking about, and just learned some random keywords.”) and reductio ad absurdum (aka strawman argument, “You should also stop drinking coffee then, because you need energy to heat water.”). After being initially welcoming, I just had to end the conversation and literally tell him to get lost to get out of the conversation. Otherwise, it was a really fine day of protest, and I treated myself to a fine coppa with a carrot muffin afterwards…