Bryter Sveriges regering och förvaltning mot lagar och normer i klimatnödläget?

Obs! Prof Kevin Andersson ( ska publicera i 2020/Q1 ett paper om hur mycket Sverige (och UK) avviker fran Paris målen! Här diskuterar jag om Sveriges regering och förvaltning bryter mot internationella och nationella lagar och normer i det nuvarande klimatnödläget: 0. Bedömning av Sveriges klimatpolitik Klimatpolitiska Radet i Rapport 2020 [12]: “De klimatpolitiska målen…

Vertritt Der Spiegel die Interessen der Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

Im folgenden vergleiche ich die Positionen von Multi-Milliardär Bill Gates und die Kernaussagen von Artikeln, die vor kurzem in DER SPIEGEL und im SPIEGEL MAGAZIN erschienen sind, um auffällige Übereinstimmungen herauszuarbeiten. Ness (2020) argumentiert, dass durch Spenden der Bill und Melinda Gates Foundation an Der Spiegel zum Aufbau einer Redaktion “Globale Gesellschaft” die redaktionelle Unabhängigkeit…

Does the “Mobile BankID” app (android-based) compromise the privacy of Swedish citizens? – My letter to “datainspektionen”

My letter to datainspektionen on how the “Mobile BankID” app is compromising privacy of Swedish citizen and the (anonymized) negative reply by datainspektionen leaves the question open, who is taking responsibility in such cases. 1. Question Gesendet: Freitag, 07. Februar 2020 um 18:45 Uhr Von: “Wilmar Igl” <REMOVED> An: Betreff: Mobile BankID (android-based version) breaches data privacy…

“Decarbonize Pharma Now!” Banner

1. About I have created the following protest banner demanding to decarbonize the pharma industry now. The banner contains the logo of the Paris Climate Agreement, the required reduction rate for carbon emission intensity of the global pharma industry following the Paris Climate Agreement according to Belkhir and Elmeligi (2019), and a statement on the…

Why the next economic crisis will be the worst in modern history

I would like to propose several reasons why I believe the next economic crisis will particularly bad, if not the worst in modern history [1-4]: Stranded assets after loss of “social licence” fossil fuels, e.g. coal fossil fuel driven machines, e.g. coal power plants, internal combustion engine cars, internal combustion engine ships,… fossil fuel-based products,…

Extinction Rebellion – Protest Stickers

1. Introduction

To support protests against the climate crisis, in addition to public protests, banners, etc, protest stickers are another medium to make your message visible and literally  “stick”. Their advantage is that stickers can be distributed without causing to much attention, e.g. at a public place, without having to expect negative consequences for the protester. Stickers are also a nice give-away to passengers, esp if they are visually appealing.

2. Tutorial

Here, I would like to present a short tutorial how to design and print protest stickers. It is a work flow which I tested and worked for me:

  1. Design the sticker using SCRIBUS!
    Note: Read the printing requirements (e.g. file format, file size, resolution, color model, …) of your selected printshop and apply it to your design! Example: Flyeralarm Printing Guide
    Example:  see below
  2. Export to PDF format with a resolution of 356 dpi from SCRIBUS (Note: use PDF1.5 with transparencies, PDF/x-3 does not allow transparencies!)
    Example: see below
  3. Select size and number of stickers at Flyeralam printshop. I selected Vegan Stickers, round, diameter 9.5 cm, white paper, 4 colours, 250 copies, 4 colors, 623SEK [ORDER NOW!]
    Note1: The offer by Flyeralarm was the best quality at lowest price I could find!
    Note2: Alternative online printshop (Germany) did a fine job, too!
  4. Upload the file in PDF format with CMYK color model!
    Example: see below
  5. Approve and submit to printing!
  6. Delivery (in Sweden) after about 1 week via UPS!

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