Work less, consume less, live more, love more! – My start into “Sabbatical Fridays”

I have now decided to take a 20% sabbatical (ie “sabbatical friday”) during the next 12 months as a response to the climate emergency. I will dedicate the freed-up time to climate activism, which I see as long-term child care. In addition, withdrawing my workforce from this unsustainable fossil-fuel-based economic system will reduce production-based emissions and also help me to develop a less consumption-based lifestyle (“Work less, consume less, live more, love more!”). As a rule of thumb, the 20% reduction of work-time corresponds roughly to the 15% percent reduction of carbon emissions per year (starting in 2020), which is required to meet the 1.5° Celsius target of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Uppsala, 2020-02-01, Wilmar Igl

#climatechange #carbonemissions #sabbatical

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